About Dr. Lynette Long

fullsizeoutput_72cI have spent my entire career fighting for women’s issues. I have conducted extensive research into numerous topics, including but not limited to: sexism in children’s television programming, the impact of toy selection on vocational choice, gender bias in U.S. stamps, and the sex-based achievement gap in mathematics.  I also founded “Color Math Pink,” an award-winning Website that promoted math achievement for girls.  My current research focuses on the gender gap in our nation’s symbols and icons.  I personally count and analyze how women are represented in our nation’s memorials, statues, and stamps.  I also systematically review how fairly Google portrays women in their ever popular Google Doodles Program and  I annually count Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloons to see how equally they represent female characters.  I believe one has to personally analyze data if one truly wants to understand the subtly of it.  Unfortunately no matter where I look the data is disturbingly the same, women are drastically under-represented in the telling of American history.  In an effort to reverse this disturbing discovery and increase representation of women  in our nation’s symbols and icons I founded Equal Visibility Everywhere in 2010 a not-for-profit aimed at changing the face of America one symbol at a time.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry, a Master of Science in Mathematics, and a Doctorate in Educational and Counseling Psychology, all from the University of Illinois.  I have served full-time on the faculties of The Catholic University of America, Loyola College in Maryland, and the University of Maryland, Asian Division.  I have taught both undergraduate and graduate level psychology and education classes. I am the author of over twenty books and my work has been published extensively in trade and professional journals. I have appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs including The Today Show, CBS Morning News, Al Jezeera News, Fox News, The Phil Donahue Show and Geraldo.  My nickname is Math Girl.

Contact Dr. Long at DrLynetteLong@gmail.com.